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How to Know If Your Beauty Product is organic broad spectrum cbd oil Botanics

When you hear the word “natural”, images of blue skies, birds singing and beautiful scenery come to thoughts. However when it comes down to cosmetics the term “natural” is often misinterpreted. Many companies simply declare their products to be ‘natural’, even that they contain processed ingredients. How can you tell if a product is truly organic or not?

Bluh Alchemy

Bluh Alchemy, an innovative clean skincare line, has a limited range of treatment-focused synergistic products that are infused with rare botanical extracts. The founder Becky Bluh studied cosmetic chemistry and was able to harness the potency of plant-based substances which have transformative physical effects on skin. She scoured a broad variety of plant extracts that are rare to create a bluhprint for optimal skin health and guard against premature aging, free radical damage, oxidative stress inflammation and overgrowth of bacteria.

Bluh’s studies and experiments with rare botanicals led her to discover the revolutionary Cellular Extraction process, which allows the extraction of the plant’s full phytoactive profile in its most potent and stable state. Her formulas utilize this game-changing tech to provide Advanced Bioactive Solutions directly to the skin.

We picked two full-size Bluh Alchemy products for February’s Beauty Heroes Discovery: the Botanic Retinol Cell Regeneration Concentrate (hero but make it great!) and the Eye Oil serum (sidekick that every superhero requires). Bakuchiol is a derivative of retinol replicates the corrective qualities of retinol in this concentrate to help visibly correct wrinkles, larger pores and breakouts. This is coupled with a variety of antioxidants, including Kakadu plum to boost cell renewal and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, finger lime caviar to firm and tone the skin and mountain pepper leaf cell extract that has an unbeatable ORAC to guard against premature ageing.

African Botanics

In a corner in the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, Johannesburg, South Africa is a yellow-tinged Strelitzia (also called Mandela’s Gold), an endemic species that is also the country’s botanical symbol. It’s a tribute to the moral leader and founder of the Rainbow Nation and a reminder that South Africa has a deep connection with nature.

For Craig and Julia Noik, founders of the brand of green beauty that is uber-luxe African Botanics, launching the line was more than just a business idea. It was a chance to share their culture with others and give them a a sense of connection to the ancient traditions of this land that has always been a part of their lives.

The resultant skincare collection is a tribute to traditional African beauty rituals by using the ancient African phytochemistry, and modern botanical pharmacy. The most powerful South African plants, sustainably sourced in the country’s remote and untouched regions, are then combined with powerful actives chosen by botanists and biochemists from South Africa and around the world. The plants are then encapsulated with advanced extraction and encapsulation techniques to create the ultimate eco-luxe green beauty.

Fifty7 Kind

Fifty7 Kind is an online first brand that offers skincare products made of plants in environmentally sustainable packaging. The elegant line of body care and skincare includes ingredients that are sourced from Southern Africa. These include oil extracts from plants and seeds as well as unique minerals from the desert, the ocean and the land. Gabrielle (founder of Fifty7 Kind) grew up as an organic child in the English countryside. She says that her mother taught her how to cook with raw ingredients and to gather wild herbs for beauty.

Using sustainably sourced botanicals The slow-fusion artisanal process guarantees concentrated extracts of skin-health improving vitamins and fatty acids, trace nutrients, and non-polar amino acids. The brand source unique wildcrafted, wildcrafted, and under the radar botanicals like Ugandan Vanilla, a subspecies of shea referred to as Vitellaria Nilotica. It is a source of high levels of Vitamin A E, K, and as well as non-polar antioxidants.

YINA is a California-based organic cbd vape oil uk cbd oil uk – Click At this website – skincare line created by two female Chinese Medicine doctors. This brand combines ancient East herbal remedies with botanical organic luxury. YINA products include traditional medicinal plants and herbs such as Ashwagandha, Hawthorne Berry and other common organic cbd ingredients.

Live Botanical

Botanical skincare that bridges traditional & modern methods & helps to create harmony and balance to highlight what makes you beautiful. Made in Portland, OR.

A botanical is a plant or part of it that is valued for its therapeutic qualities and flavor or scent. Since ancient times botanicals have been used to maintain and enhance health. This includes skin care.

Botanicals can be purchased in fresh or dried forms, and in a variety of preparations. They are available in the produce section of a supermarket or in the dietary supplements section in the form of tablets, capsules or tea bags. A single chemical can also be isolated from botanicals and then sold in capsule or tablet form as a dietary supplement.

The safety of a botanical depends on its chemical makeup, how it works in the body and the method of preparation. The amount of plants used in a product can also affect its safety. Tea contains only a tiny amount of botanical, whereas extracts or tinctures are much more concentrated.

A tincture can be made by soaking a botanical in a liquid like water or alcohol to extract the desired constituents. A tincture can be dilute into various strengths. The strength of a botanical tincture is expressed in terms of a ratio between the botanical and extract.


Angela Chau Gray, Ervina Wu and Angela Chau Gray are both experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their brand pays true homage to the ancient traditions, with expert TCM practitioners at the helm. The result is a variety of artisanal, advanced and luxurious formulas for modern wellness routines such as Acupressure and acupuncture.

YINA is sustainably made in California, and its products are high in powerful bio-adaptive herbs. Their most popular products are the NOURISH botanical oil serum and the anti-pollution cream. Both are rich in camellia seed oils, safflower oil and licorice root. They also contain anti-aging botanicals such as rhodiola, bakuchiol and Asian knotweed. The mask also contains pear powder, coconut carbon, and cleansing moringa.

Felicia is a member the highly efficient YINA operations team. She enjoys trying out new products and adhering to the self-care rituals espoused the brand’s founders. She is a huge fan of the YINA Anti-Pollution Mask, which includes cleansing agents like pearl powder, skullcap root, and moringa.

Malaya Organics

Malaya Organics is a Brooklyn-based 100% natural high-performance line founded by Katya Slepak, an expert formulator, product designer and certified aromatherapist. The brand’s nourishing, results-driven products are designed to help support the skin’s natural aging process as it matures, and are safe for all genders and skin types. The balancing oils are infused with the therapeutic blend rich in anti-aging essential oils, plant oils and phytonutrients.

Ingredients are sourced from the taigas of Siberia as well as the forests of India as well as the Amazon and the deserts of Morocco. They’ve been carefully designed to help you connect with your own inner landscape, which is one of balance, peace and healing. The name “Malaya” originates from a forest of sandalwood in Shambhala tradition, and means a sacred garland of flowers that is worn during ceremonies. These were the motifs that inspired the thoughtfully curated collection.

Fran Miller

The collection includes everything from shea butter and goji berry body shaver to a spritz that smooths hair, and a multi-tasking face oil that can be used for multiple purposes. The lineup includes everything, from a goji berry-infused shea butter body buff to hair smoothing spray and multi-tasking face oil.

Prioritizing organically sourced, certified organic ingredients and collaborating with responsible manufacturers locally and across the globe, F. Miller has been committed to sustainability since its inception. All of F. Miller’s premium essentials are free of harmful preservatives or synthetic fragrances. They are also free of mineral oils GMOs, aluminum, and SLS.

All products are blended and bottled by hand in small batches to maintain freshness. The label works with expert cosmetic chemists to create rich, nutrient-rich blends with botanical ingredients that help to create radiant skin, provide multi-correctional results, and nourish all skin types. The brand is also environmentally conscious and this extends to packaging and practices. They use biodegradable and effects recyclable glass, and focus on sourcing eco-friendly recyclable packaging materials. They also offer a refill and subscription program to reduce the amount of waste.

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