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Hemp is a versatile and sustainable fabric that can be used to make a wide range of consumer products. It is an excellent substitute for cotton and other synthetic fibers. It also has the benefit of being tough and easy to dye.

Hemp is currently regulated by the Home Office, and farmers need to have a license to grow it. Liberate Hemp has initiated a campaign of civil disobedience to lift hemp from these restrictions.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher started her company in 1984, with only 350 dollars and an idea that women wanted simple, stylish clothes that were easy to put on. She has made a living solely by catering to the needs of clients and creating clothes made of durable fabrics and timeless designs. She supports a variety of causes and also gives back through the 1 percent For The Planet initiative.

Eileen is famous for her elegant, slender designs that are both professional and casual for casual occasions. Eileen is also known for her workplace culture, that focuses on nurturing employees and avoiding rudeness. She believes that when you treat your employees well, money will follow.

If you’re interested in working for Eileen are able to learn about opportunities by signing up for the company’s email newsletter or social media channels. Occasionally, the company will offer exclusive discount codes to its customers. You can also join the rewards program of the company that offers free shipping and other benefits. Contact customer service to inquire about a promo coupon, which they’ll often give.

8000 Kicks

The founder of 8000 Kicks was inspired to create hemp-based vegan shoes after he was struck by how fashionable and comfortable they were. He also realized that the sustainable material has a minimal impact on the environment. His company makes use of sustainable materials and partners with factories that use renewable energy sources. Their products lower CO2 emissions.

Hemp is a naturally strong and water-resistant fabric that requires no fertilizers, has less water, and emits 72% less CO2 in production. Hemp is also more environmentally friendly than polyester, cotton and nylon. It has been grown in various forms since 8000 BC.

8000 Kicks make a great casual shoe for everyday wear. They come in a wide selection of styles, ranging from classic sneakers to waterproof hiking boots. The shoes are made of recycled rubber and fashionable hemp uppers. The Seeker sneaker from the company is an excellent illustration of the versatility of these shoes. They can be worn with jeans or a business outfit and are suitable for hiking or walking in rain or snow.


Seeker is a sustainable lifestyle brand that offers hemp-based apparel and accessories for women, men and children. The company is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and supports grassroots movements through one percent for the Planet. Seeker also contributes to environmental groups and promotes green living through its products and community.

Save on Seeker at 9 retailers that offer verified discount coupons. Copy the coupon code, then place it to your shopping cart and click “Checkout” to save.

The hemp line of Seeker provides casually elegant styles for a relaxing evening on the weekend, or a busy day at work. The brand’s tees as well as dresses and joggers are all made from hemp-based blends that give them a sustainable look.


In 1999, Claudia Lanius launched her fashion label with the intention of mixing eco-friendly materials with feminine fabrics and silhouettes. Her team and she create new collections every two years in their workshop in Cologne. The brand is GOTS-certified and adheres to strict environmental standards. They are also committed to fair production and regularly visit their suppliers to maintain a personal relationship. They use natural and organic textiles, such as GOTS certified cotton and organic wool. They also use Tencel Lyocell and Econyl. The brand also makes use of wool that is not mulesing-free. The brand is vegan and PETA has given it the “PETA-Approved Vegan” label.

Lanius is committed to ethical production and is committed to taking care of animals and people. They only work with factories that meet their strict social and environmental standards. These facilities are GOTS-certified and regularly inspected by independent organizations. The company also has a dedicated webpage on their site for their suppliers, so you can determine who is the manufacturer of your clothing. They also help local farms, which is an excellent option to protect the environment and Shop Cbd Uk create rural areas.

Opera Campi

Opera Campi, an Italian clothing brand, focuses on sustainable fabrics manufactured in Italy. The company creates premium futuristic hemp clothing with a timeless Italian footprint. The brand uses on-demand production to reduce the amount of textile waste and offers products with no dyes. It also uses organic wool, which is free of chemical. The company has a good rating for its environmental impact and does not employ exotic animal fur or hair. The brand also tracks its supply chain and pays a living wage to employees.

Hemp is a greener and more sustainable material than cotton. It absorbs more CO2 when it is grown than it releases and can be used to make various kinds of fabrics. It is antibacterial and has excellent breathability and thermoregulating properties, and it softens with each wash.

You can save money on your next order from Opera Campi by using a coupon code. These codes are accessible on the internet, but they might not apply to your specific country. You can find the codes on the official company website, as well as other websites which offer discounts.

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