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Numerous factors can cause damage to door locks. This can be caused by wear and tear, key breakage, and the rusting. A locksmith can help resolve these issues and ensure that your home is safe.

Rekeying your lock is an alternative to changing it. It’s less costly, and allows you to use the same lock key as before.


Rekeying is a viable alternative to changing the lock. It involves swapping out the key pins in order to enable it to work with a brand new key and is a low-cost option for those who want to increase their sense of security without costing a fortune. It is particularly popular with new homeowners who are worried about previous owners possessing a copy of the key or being able to locate it. It’s also a good option for those who have lost their keys or are concerned about a burglary that has occurred.

A rekeyed locking system is not as secure, but it can restrict access to a home. It is a great option for those who have recently moved into a new house or have a large company and wish to limit access to specific areas. It is best to have the locks rekeyed by professionals, since they can do it swiftly and efficiently, with minimal damage to the frames and doors.

Many people believe that the only way to fix a broken lock is to replace it with a brand new one. This is not true and can be costly. Rekeying is typically a more cost effective option.

The choice to rekey locks or replace it will be contingent on your needs and financial budget. The process of replacing the lock may take more time. Also, Double glazing Repairers the level of security offered by the old lock should be considered.

It is crucial to acquire the appropriate tools for the job, and to follow the instructions that come with the kit for rekeying. A rekeying kit or pinning kit will usually include all the tools you need to disassemble the lock cylinder, and then remove the pins that are old. Then, you can replace them with brand double glazing Repair cost new pins. The kit will also include two keys that are brand new, so it is recommended to keep one of them in a secure place in case the original key is lost.

Rekeying is a good alternative to changing the entire lock. However, it won’t solve issues such as a worn out lock or a damaged key. It will not fix damaged or broken locks, but by changing the lock’s combination, it will prevent any future issues. Rekeying locks is a great option if you’re concerned about the security of your home.


If you are planning to change your lock, you must remove the deadbolt that is currently in use and replace it with a brand new one. This is a bit more complicated than rekeying, but it is important to do it right to safeguard your property and ensure that only you can access it. A professional locksmith can assist you install the new lock and offer additional security measures. This service is available for both commercial and residential properties.

It is more expensive than rekeying, however it offers more security and is worth the investment. The majority of people change their locks to stop unauthorized access and to ensure that only those who have the key are allowed to enter the property. A professional locksmith will have all the tools and equipment required to complete the task and repairs to double Glazing can complete it in a short time.

If you are moving into a new home it is essential to change the lock. The previous owner could have given keys to others. You should also change your locks in the event that there has been a break-in, burglary or you are concerned about the security of your family or children. Locksmiths are capable of helping you choose the right locks for your requirements and suggest the most suitable kind of lock for your door.

You might also need to upgrade your lock to meet insurance requirements. Your insurance provider may stipulate that you must utilize locks that conform to the British standard 3621, or you could simply want to improve your security.

A common problem when it comes to door locks is that it becomes hard to turn and sticky. This is caused by dust and dirt that have accumulated inside the lock cylinder. If this is the case, you can try lubricating the slot for your key by spraying it with WD-40, a silicon-based lubricant or graphite spray. Then, insert the key to inject the lubricant into the mechanism.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue then you should replace the lock. It’s a simple process however, you’ll need the assistance of a professional to do it properly. It is recommended that, after replacing the cylinder, you test the lock by using the internal turn assembly, as well as the key lock.


A broken lock can be a major inconvenience. A broken lock can also make your house more vulnerable to burglaries. There are a variety of low-cost ways to fix a damaged lock, which you can tackle yourself or with a locksmith’s help.

First, make sure that the key is inserted the correct way. If it’s not, you can make use of compressed air to blow the hole in the key. This will get rid of any debris or dust that may be blocking the ridges of the key from aligning with the lock mechanism. You can also use a penetrating lubricant or oil but make sure you do not use the wrong type. WD-40 could cause future clogging issues by covering important components with grease. Instead, you can try powdered graphite or a graphite spray. This will coat the key ridges with fluid, allowing it align with the lock mechanism.

Another common problem is a locked that is sticky. A buildup of dust or dirt in the keyhole or on the lock, could cause this issue. If this does not work, try cleaning the lock with an abrasive or a sponge. If this doesn’t work then you can try superglue. Make sure to use only an amount of superglue, since excessive amounts can cover and squish the vital components of the lock.

Check your door locks for loose screws frequently because they could cause them to be out of alignment. It may appear that the lock is in a state of repair but the actual reason could be the loosening of the connection between the frame and the lock over time. It is possible to tighten loose connections by repeating the lock installation procedure.

A slow lock could be a sign of other problems like hinges that are loose and uneven gaps between the door jamb and the door. If you’re not sure what to do to solve these issues A professional locksmith will provide suggestions for simple fixes you can do yourself.


You may need to replace your lock if it’s damaged or cannot be opened by the key. This is a straightforward task that can be completed by a professional or a homeowner can do. The process involves purchasing the right lock that is compatible with your existing lock’s keyway, then rekeying it to your current house key, disassembling the old lock, and screwing the new one onto your door. It is essential to employ a local locksmith because they are familiar with regional locks and possible malfunctions.

Like all mechanisms that have moving parts, locks may eventually wear out and become difficult to open. The repeated locking and unlocking of locks or jamming a key can cause internal damage. This could cause your key turn inwards or stick. Rekeying won’t fix a worn-out lock, so it’s important to replace the lock whenever needed.

Begin by using a Phillips head screwdriver to remove any screws that are visible on the inside of the lock. Then, look inside the lock’s housing using a flashlight to find the small tab. The spindle is released by pressing down on the tab with a screwdriver with a flat head. Once the spindle is removed, you can pull out the faceplate on the inside, and then find another tab on the side of the plug of the cylinder. Press down on this tab with the screwdriver to take the cylinder from the housing.

After removing the cylinder, you can dismantle it to look for any rough areas that need to be sanded down. Then you can lubricate the tumblers using powdered graphite or graphite spray to enable them to move more freely.

Reassemble the lock and test it. If it’s not functioning properly, you might require replacing the actuator or the door lock cylinder.

Faulty locks can leave your business or home vulnerable to break-ins and other issues. To protect yourself it is best to get them replaced or repaired as soon as you can. To do this, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced locksmith NYC. They have the expertise and tools to double glazing condensation repair kit all types of locks, including modern ones.

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