What’s The Reason? Repairing Double Glazed Windows Is Everywhere This Year

Repairing Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing can be an excellent investment for your home. In time, it may cause problems such as misting or condensation.

It could be due to a number of reasons but is usually due to the seals not more being airtight, causing a loss in the insulating gas that sits between the glass panes. Knowing how to repair your double glazing will assist.

Broken Panes

A loose ball from the lawnmowers, a hurled stone or even a cat’s claw can cause a double-glazed window repairing to shatter. This allows cold or heat to move more easily between two panes of glass, which can result in lower the insulation and causing higher energy bills. It’s time to replace both windows if broken.

If one of the panes has been cracked, not completely shattered, it may still be able to be repaired. First take the glass from the frame wearing gloves and safety glasses. Remove the loose putty from the cracked edges of the glass using the painter’s tool, which you can warm with a heatgun. Place a piece of aluminum foil on the panes that are next to it to stop them from fracturing after the putty has been removed.

Once the frame is ready for a new pane, grease the cutter with an inexpensive glass cutting tool — available in most hardware stores — with lightweight oil like WD-40. Cut along the edges of the glass, about 1 inch from the edge. Then, put the glass into the rabbets (the l-shaped grooves) in the window frame. Use the chiseled edges of the tool to take away any excess glue around the edges.

Press glazier’s tips into the frame in intervals of six inches around the joint where the glass meets the frame. Apply another cord of glaziers compound to frame-glass joints and smooth using a putty knife. If your windows are made of metal then you can paint the joints with a primer specifically designed to stop rust.


Even though it is rare double glazing cracks can happen suddenly, especially in older windows. The cause is often due to the difference in pressure between the two panes of glass, caused by extreme temperature fluctuations. It is crucial to keep blinds closed during hot weather and to not open them too often when the sun is shining. This will stop excessive heat from building between the two panes.

The best way to avoid cracks in your double-glazed windows is to ensure that the frames are secure, particularly on the hinges, locking mechanisms, and handles. Double glazed windows should be easy to shut and open, without sagging or sticking. Oiling the hinges and mechanisms may aid. You can also adjust the screws and locks so they are secure enough.

It is important to keep in mind that a damaged window is not just ugly but also risky. If you notice cracks in your double glazing and see loose shards of glass on the floor, contact an emergency glazier as it’s likely to be best to replace the broken glass completely rather than repair it.

If you notice condensation between the two panes, it is an indication that your seals are not working correctly and must be replaced immediately. A reputable glazier could drill into the sealed unit to inject or pump into a drying agent (typically a desiccant) to eliminate any moisture. This can be a quick cost-effective and affordable solution to this issue. Be aware that this is only a temporary fix and you will need to replace your windows in the near term.


Condensation is a common problem with older double glazing. It occurs when air moisture is drawn into the gap between the panes and then condenses during the night. This is a natural occurrence and not a sign of any defect in the glass or windows but can be frustrating for homeowners because it hinders the double glazing from operating as effectively as it is supposed to.

Install vents or trickle-vents on the frame to let air flow, preventing condensation that may be present in your home. This will help to keep heat in the home and decrease energy costs in the long run.

Most times, a professional can fix the issue without having replace the entire window. They’ll drill tiny holes into the window glass repairs to let out any moisture that has been trapped, and then apply an anti-fog coating.

It is recommended to contact the company that you purchased your double glazing from when you begin having issues. It is important to contact the company you bought your double glazing from as soon as you begin to experience problems. This will enable them to send a technician out to examine the situation and address any issues prior to them getting worse. It is a good idea to communicate in writing. This can be done through email or a letter.

While it is possible to carry out some repairs yourself, it’s normally much faster and more efficient to hire a professional to do this. This is especially the case for issues that require specialist equipment. A professional will also offer an assurance on their work, which you may not receive if you attempt to repair timber windows (he said) the double glazing yourself.


Double glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular because they improve energy efficiency, reduce the amount of noise heard inside the home, and protect furniture from UV light. They can also reduce condensation which is a frequent reason for the growth of mould. If they’re not properly installed, air could easily escape through the gaps in between the glass panes, causing drafts.

In double-glazed windows, the space between two panes is filled with an gas that acts as an insulation. The spacer bar typically contains an ingredient called desiccant which helps draw moisture out of the gap and prevent interior condensation. The desiccant’s capacity to draw moisture away from spacer bars diminishes, condensation can form between the glass panes. This is a common problem with double glazing that has been badly made. However it is easily resolved by drilling holes in the glass or spacer bar and putting in a humidifier.

The space between the two glass panes in a double-glazed sash window repairs acts as an insulation by limiting the flow of cold air from outside to your home. Filling the gap with an inert gas, such as argon, can increase the insulation properties even more.

Double-glazed windows cost more to install than single-glazed windows, but are often worth it as they can lower your heating and cooling costs, protect your furnishings from UV damage, and boost the value of the property. If you’re considering having double glazed windows installed at your residence, make sure to work with a highly-experienced installer like Thermawood. Their retrofit double-glazing system lets you to take advantage of all the benefits of an IGU without removing the frame and cladding.


Double glazing has many benefits for [Redirect-Java] homeowners. It increases the efficiency of your energy use and reduces noise. It also helps reduce the risk of draughts and mould building up on windows. However, they’re not indestructible and issues can occur. You can repair most double glazing problems rather than replacing them, saving you money and the inconvenience of replacing windows.

Double glazing owners often have to repair a leaky seal. If this is the case it is essential to contact a professional to schedule an installer to visit and make the repairs required.

A window that is difficult to close or open could also be a problem. This could be due to heat, or perhaps because the mechanism has become stiffer over time. Try cooling the mechanism down and lubricating handles or hinges if this is the problem. Alternatively, it may be that the frame has slightly dropped or sagged and requires to be adjusted.

Misting is another issue which can be easily fixed. This is because the rubber seals that hold the two glass panes together become weaker over time. This is often caused by the frames shifting little as they age, and settling the special packaging material that keeps them in place, which then leads to one or both panes of your double glazing shifting and breaking the all-important seal.

Drilling holes into the affected glass is a way to eliminate moisture. This is a temporary solution and should be repeated. Installing trickle vents in your frames will be an ideal long-term solution. They let fresh air into the room, but they also block warm air from getting out.

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