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How to Repair Double Glazed Windows

It’s nice to believe that your double glazing is unbreakable but the truth is that even uPVC frames become less durable over time and issues like condensation, draughts and leaks can occur.

Fortunately most of these problems can be resolved without having to pay for the replacement of a door or window. This is especially applicable to double glazing that has become foggy.


Draughts could indicate that the sealant is not working. If you feel a draught where the sash is positioned against the frame, it could indicate that the sealant is failing. If you’re not sure then consult a professional to perform a professional inspection.

While you might be attracted to attempt a DIY double glazing repair that is draughty but it’s best to leave this task to professionals as erroneous repairs could damage your windows and lead to further issues in the future. A reputable tradesperson will ensure that the work is completed properly and lasts longer than you think it will.

One of the most frequent issues with uPVC doors and windows is that they can be difficult to open or close. This could mean that the handles or hinges have been damaged or it could indicate that the seals are not working properly.

In many cases, this can be corrected by altering the window sash or by replacing the hinges. This is a huge task that requires the experience of an experienced installer.

It is crucial to fix your uPVC doors or windows as quickly as you can when they are stuck in an open or closed position. This will stop further damage and aid in improving the efficiency of your home.

Most double glazing comes with a warranty, often for a period of 10 to 20 years or more. It’s worth checking the details of your warranty and then contacting the company that you purchased the windows from if you discover any issues.

Many companies offer a service to drill holes in windows that have mist and then put in a plug to draw out the moisture and create a new seal. However, this is only an interim solution and windows will likely mist up again in six months or so.

This issue is typically caused by condensation that forms between your uPVC window panes. It’s a sign that one of the seals between the panes has failed and is no longer airtight, which means that the argon gas used to insulate is no longer being held in place.


Condensation is a problem that can affect double glazing, and usually appears as a mist or water droplets between the panes. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as high humidity, low interior room temperatures or a lack of air circulation. However, it is also a sign that the insulation inside the glazing unit is not functioning properly and there is a problem with the seals.

This means that cold air may be infiltrating, as well as warm air, which can lower the efficiency of your windows. Double-glazed windows need to be maintained regularly to ensure the glass remains clean. If you don’t maintain your double glazed windows frequently, the glass will remain dirty and the seals could become less durable over time. In some instances professional window cleaning will be necessary to keep the windows looking the best they can.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid condensation in double-glazed windows, such as installing trickle vents. This will control the temperature of your home and decrease the amount of water that collects on the windows. It is also possible to use windows with slope which will let any excess water go away from the windows.

Contact the company who installed your windows when you notice them getting cloudy or turning cloudy. They might be able to seal the affected areas of the window, or replace the glass unit completely. In certain cases it will be covered by your warranty, so it is worth checking to see what’s covered prior to attempting a repair yourself.

double glazing repair coventry glazing that is professionally repaired can save your time and money in the long run. It will also ensure that your windows remain in top condition for as long a period as you can. It’s also a better alternative than replacing your windows entirely, as this can be expensive and will not offer longer-term protection.

Water Leaks

If you have water leaking around your windows, it is a clear sign that the seals aren’t working anymore and need to be replaced. If not checked, this could cause damage to furniture walls, ceilings and walls. It can also lead to higher heating costs as the heat escapes your home through your windows.

If the leak is not too severe, it is possible to repair this however, in more severe situations, it could be required to replace the entire double-glazed unit. It is costly however it’s better than letting water seep into.

double glazing door locks glazing can turn cloudy due to the gap between the two panes. This allows moisture to get in, which then condenses during colder weather. This can cause a number of problems, including draughts or condensation. It can also significantly reduce the energy efficiency.

Some companies offer to drill holes in your double glazing that is misted double glazing repairs near me, and then inject chemicals to remove the fog and condensation from the window. While this is a cost-effective solution but it’s not a permanent solution. The holes that are drilled are usually blocked by moisture after six months.

The frame of your window can also cause misting because it changes position over time. This can cause the seal to fail. This can also cause draughts and condensation.

As time passes, the gaskets that serve to create the seal between your double glazed window panes can shrink or break. They can be replaced quickly and at a much lower cost than replacement windows. This is a far better choice for the environment and your wallet than purchasing new windows, too.

Double glazed windows can develop problems over time. Certain of them can be fixed however it is crucial to act quickly to prevent wasting money. Double glazing that is damaged does not just affect your home’s energy efficiency, but it could be a security risk as well.


Although it may seem like double glazing is almost impervious to damage, the reality of the matter is that damage will always develop in time. Thankfully, many of these problems are relatively simple to address. Certain double-glazed window issues may be more severe. They should be addressed immediately, ideally by professionals that offer repair services.

Double glazing that has condensation is a serious problem because it is a sign of a broken seal between the two panes. This signifies that the heat you pay for is being lost and cold air is entering. This can cause a lot of discomfort and can lead to the development of mildew and [Redirect-302] mould.

Cracks and chips could be an indication of issues with your double glazing. This is because the glass that makes up your windows is often held in place by a metal or plastic frame and this can crack as a result of continuous exposure to sunlight. It can also be broken by an impact or force such as being thrown from the lawnmowers when it cuts grass, which is why double glazing should never be placed in a place where this will happen.

One of the most common issues that be a result of time is the difficulty in opening and closing windows and doors. This could be the result of weather conditions or it could be a sign that your frames have dropped in value and aren’t fitting to the exact position they need to be.

The appearance of a draft is a less than serious, but still a nuisance issue that can occasionally arise. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, but typically it is caused by the failure of the gas cavity in between the glass. It is usually a simple repair that requires replacing the sealed unit.

A simple test can help you determine the source of draughty windows. Take a match or an incense stick to the frame and see the way it moves. This should indicate whether or not there is a draught from that point.

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